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Safety regulations that manufacturers of automatic CNC lathes should be familiar with during production

2021-11-12 09:55:21

Because of the uniqueness of precision CNC lathe manufacturers relative to other hardware factories or garment factories, it is necessary to improve the production safety regulations of CNC lathe manufacturers. Here is a brief introduction to some safety hazards that CNC lathe manufacturers should pay attention to when manufacturing. The employees who actually operate the CNC lathe must go through the study and training before going to the production workshop, and also need to be familiar with the basic knowledge of the CNC lathe to prevent many unnecessary accidents. Secondly, before the production and manufacture of CNC lathes, it is necessary to carry out safety inspections on various components and fields of the machine tools to ensure that the CNC lathes can work normally before starting work. Thirdly, the wearing of CNC lathe staff must comply with the regulations. Take the necessary protective measures to prevent scratches at work. If there are any wrong areas at work, seek advice from the masters as soon as possible. Please master to solve it. Do not solve it alone, causing a lot of unnecessary damage and delaying work.

1. Basic security problems in practical operation

1. Please wear work clothes, protective shoes, work caps and protective glasses when working. Note: gloves are not allowed to actually operate the automatic CNC lathe.

2. It is not necessary to move or destroy the warning signs installed on the machine tool.

3. Do not place obstacles around the machine tool, and the indoor space should be large enough during work.

4. If two or more people must cooperate with each other in a certain job, they should pay attention to the coordination between them.

5. It is not allowed to use air compression to clean machine tools, electrical control cabinets and NC modules.

2. 1. CNC machine tool processing machinery and equipment are precious machinery and equipment. The user must understand the machine tool manual and the general performance and structure of the machine tool. The entry needs to be studied and trained. The safety operation rules are strictly enforced during actual operation, and super-performance applications are prohibited.

2. Before running the CNC machine tool, be sure to pay attention to the following categories: 1) All power switches should be located in reliable parts that are not working. 2) The air intake system and refrigeration system of the machine tool should be in a good operating state. 3) Check whether other dirt is placed in the processing area to ensure smooth operation.

3. After running the CNC machine tool, you should first manually operate the machine tool to return to the positioning point.

4. Before entering the program flow, the file format, encoding and main parameters of the data must be strictly checked.


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