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In the rainy season, how should the automatic CNC lathe be maintained?

2021-11-12 11:42:13

In the rainy season, the maintenance and maintenance of machinery and equipment is very important, because in such weather, equipment is more likely to fail, and many areas in southern my country experience heavy rainfall, and even floods in some areas. Here, we introduce how to maintain the automatic CNC lathe in the rainy season?

The automatic CNC lathe is a precise production tool. It has the following three main requirements for the environment: ① The location where the automatic CNC lathe is placed should be a vibration source, and there should be no direct sunlight, and the air should also be dry; ② The power supply requirements , the power supply voltage must be stable; ③ the requirements of temperature and humidity conditions, the temperature should not be lower than 30 ℃, and the humidity should not be lower than 80%. Why is such a condition necessary? Let Xiaobian explain to everyone: Vibration will directly affect the quality of the workpiece, and long-term sunlight exposure will also affect the precision control of the automatic CNC lathe; Second, the stability of the power supply voltage is important to ensure the normal operation of the automatic CNC lathe One of the factors is that the components that make up the automatic CNC lathe are also precise parts, and the unstable voltage can easily cause damage to the precision parts, which will cause the automatic CNC lathe to not work normally; after that, the temperature and humidity are also important to ensure the normal operation of the automatic CNC lathe components. Factors, too high temperature and humidity will lead to a reduction in the life of system components, increased failures, and even make dust adhere to the circuit board, causing a short circuit.

Strictly abide by the electricity code

1. The automatic CNC lathe must be strictly required to connect to the ground wire, and use a three-core power plug to reduce static interference, improve machine stability and protect operators. In summer, due to the excessive power consumption and the rainy season, the voltage of the power supply line is often unstable, causing failures and even burning components such as drivers. It is recommended to purchase a voltage regulator of the corresponding model. 2. Improve the utilization rate of CNC automatic numerical control lathes. If the CNC automatic numerical control lathes have a low operating rate, in addition to the investment of funds, they will not play a role in reproduction, and there is also a worry about the warranty period, because the CNC automatic numerical control lathes have all the equipment. During a warranty period, the user should use the machine tool during this period to expose the thin part as soon as possible so that it can be dealt with within the warranty period. If it is not used for a long time, the deterioration or damage of electronic components may be accelerated due to moisture and other reasons. Especially in the rainy season, the machine should also be run properly. 3. Use the CNC automatic numerical control lathe in a good environment because the air is humid in the rainy season, and it is easy to be damaged by moisture in the humid air. And pay attention to details at work, so be careful not to bring umbrellas to the production site, change shoes, etc.


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