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What are the key components of the automatic CNC lathe machining center?

2021-11-15 16:34:34

Automatic CNC lathe spindle bearing box: 1. The spindle bearing box of the machining center is fixed on the upper left end of the bed. It transmits the rotational fitness motion of the motor to the spindle bearing, and pushes the product workpiece to rotate together according to the fixture. By changing the rocker position on the box, the spindle bearing can obtain various speed ratios with different positive and negative rotations. 2. Tool box: The tool box of the machining center is fixed at the lower left front of the bed, and transmits the rotating fitness movement of the spindle bearing to the ball screw or smooth bar according to the hanging wheel. Changing the position of the rocker on the box can change the speed ratio of the ball screw or the smooth screw, and then achieve the purpose of converting the tooth pitch or cutting speed. 3. Slide box: The slide box is fixed on the outside of the saddle, and moves vertically and repeatedly in the slide rail of the bed along with the saddle. According to it, the rotating fitness movement of the ball screw or the smooth bar is turned into the walking fitness movement of the saddle and the double rocker. The rocker part on the conversion box can control the vertical or horizontal fitness movement of the lathe tool (fitness movement orientation, start or end). 4. Hanging side frame: The hanging side frame is installed on the left side of the bed. It is equipped with an interchangeable transmission gear (hanging wheel), which transmits the rotating fitness movement of the main shaft bearing to the tool box. Adjust the transmission gear on the hanging wheel frame and cooperate with the tool box to mill out threads with different pitches. 5. Knife table: The knife table is fixed on the small drag puller, which is used for the installation of lathes and turning tools for weapons and equipment. 6. Precision CNC lathe pallet: The pallet includes 4 parts: saddle, medium double rocker, roulette and small double rocker. The saddle is mounted on the outer slide rails of the bed and can be moved vertically along the bed slides; the middle double rocker can be moved laterally along the dovetail slides on the upper end of the saddle; the small double rockers can be moved along the roulette The dovetail-shaped slide rail at the upper end moves vertically. After the roulette rotates for a viewing angle, the small double rocker can push the knife to move diagonally, which is used for milling short inner and outer conical surfaces. 7. Lathe tool holder: The tailstock is mounted on the slide rail of the bed body, and can be moved vertically along the bed body slide rail. The sleeve specification taper hole on the lathe tool holder can be installed with knives and auxiliary tools such as twist drills, reamers, taps, etc., which are used to support product workpieces, drilling, boring, tapping, etc. 8. Bed body: The bed body is the basic support of the CNC lathe. It is fixed on the left and right legs of the bed, and is used to support the key components on the side of the lathe and keep them in an inaccurate relative position during work. The two sets of slide rails on the body of the bed provide guidance for the vertical movement of the saddle and the tool rest of the lathe. 9. Ball screw: The ball screw is mainly used for milling threads and is one of the most important fine parts on the lathe. In order to maintain the precision of the ball screw all the time, it is generally not necessary for the ball screw to be fully automatic.


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