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The development trend of CNC lathe

2021-11-15 16:38:54

With the industrial transformation and upgrading in my country and the upgrading of industrial layout, the requirements for high-end CNC lathes in my country will continue to expand in the future. In recent years, with the continuous escalation of friction, capitalist countries in Western countries have banned the sale and purchase of high-tech CNC lathes in my country, and high-end CNC lathes will encounter major vacancies. This fully automatic CNC lathe manufacturer has produced excellent sales Market opportunities. The precision index values of small and medium-sized CNC lathes are roughly divided into: precise positioning accuracy and repeated precise positioning accuracy; screen resolution and single pulse dose; measurement range accuracy. Precise positioning accuracy refers to the constant level of the specific fitness movement parts and command parts of moving components such as small and medium-sized CNC lathe consoles, and the inconsistent error is the precise positioning difference. The elements that cause the precise positioning difference include the servo control system, monitoring system, tool drive system and slide rail difference. The precise positioning difference immediately compromises the specification accuracy of the machined part. Repeated precise positioning accuracy refers to the consistent level of results obtained after performing the required actual operations several times under the same actual operation method and standard.

Repeated precise positioning accuracy is generally a random difference in a standard normal distribution, which will jeopardize the consistency of mass-machined parts. It is a very net weight performance parameter. Generally, the precise positioning accuracy of small and medium-sized CNC lathes is 0.018 mm, and the repeated precise positioning accuracy is 0.008 mm. High speed and high precision are the eternal overall goals of the development trend of CNC lathes. With the rapid development trend of scientific and technological progress, the upgrading rate of electrical products is accelerating, and the requirements for the precision and surface quality of parts processing are also getting higher and higher. In order to meet the requirements of this complex sales market, today's CNC lathes are developing in the direction of high-speed drilling, dry drilling and quasi-dry drilling, and the machining accuracy is also constantly improving.

Automatic CNC lathe, automatic CNC lathe milling management center, is a high-precision, high-efficiency automation technology CNC lathe. Equipped with multi-process dota2 or driving force dota2, the CNC lathe has universal processing performance, and can process parallel cylinders, slash cylinders, arcs and various external threads, grooves, vortex rods and other complex product workpieces. It has various compensation functions of parallel line tool radius compensation and arc tool radius compensation, and has given full play to the practical effect of excellent economic development in the mass production of complex parts. The manufacturer of high-precision CNC lathes is an important part of the high-speed machining management office, which manages and determines the speed, accuracy and performance of CNC lathe processing on a very large level. Therefore, for high-speed CNC lathes that process random slopes of mold shells, the characteristics of CNC machine tools have especially important practical significance.


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