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There are many processes for machining parts on a fully automatic CNC lathe

2021-11-15 16:43:54

1. According to the drawings of the machining parts and the machining process plan, use the required source code and program flow file format to write a program, and record it on the medium; 2. Input the application program on the program flow medium into the input device according to the input device. 3. After the imported program flow is processed by the CNC module, it sends signals to the servo control system of each coordinate of the machine tool; 4. The servo control system pushes the movable components of the machine tool according to the data signals generated by the CNC module. And operate the necessary auxiliary tools for actual operation; 5. According to the relative speed of the machine tool mechanical parts to push the CNC blade and the casting, to process the standard product workpiece; 6. Check the fitness movement of the CNC lathe, and give feedback to the CNC according to the feedback device modules to reduce machining deviations. Naturally, there is no detection and feedback mechanism for open-loop gain CNC lathes.

1. Effective use of precision CNC lathes The factors that are considered when machining parts on CNC machine tools include: material and class of blanks, complexity of parts contours, specifications and dimensions, machining precision, total number of parts, heat treatment process regulations Wait. When using machine tools, it is necessary to ensure the technical standards of the machined parts, and at the same time to improve work efficiency.

2. Analysis of process performance of CNC machine tool processing parts The performance analysis of CNC machine tool processing technology has a wide coverage. Generally, the specification information on the sample drawing of the part must be obtained in accordance with the standard of convenient programming. The tolerance labeling method on the part drawing should be integrated into the advantages of CNC machine tool processing. On the CNC machine tool processing part drawing, the specifications should be quoted with the same standard or the coordinate specifications should be obtained at the same time, and the geometric elements that make up the part outline should be sufficient. The structural process performance of each processing position of the parts on the sample drawing should conform to the characteristics of CNC machine tools.

Marking methods such as automatic CNC lathes are not only conducive to programming, but also to the harmony between specifications, which promotes economic benefits.

3. Selection of processing method The selection standard of processing method is to ensure the processing precision and roughness of the processing surface. Because there are generally many processing methods to obtain the same level of precision and surface roughness, the appearance of the parts, the size of the specifications, and the heat treatment process regulations should be taken into consideration when selecting them. In addition, it should also take into account the production rate and rationality of the regulations, and its production equipment and other specific circumstances.

Fourth, the use of cutting fluid The cutting fluid has the effect of maintaining the milling cutter and improving the high processing efficiency in the whole process of processing. Generally, when using cutting fluid, it is necessary to choose which cutting fluid to use according to the material of the product, the type of machine equipment, the processing technology, the performance of the CNC blade and other factors. In addition, in addition to the above immediate elements, other properties of the cutting fluid must also meet the requirements, such as anti-oxidation performance, anti-rust treatment performance, refrigeration performance, etc.


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