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CNC high-precision CNC lathe related lathe accessories

2021-11-15 16:46:18

Precision CNC lathes are high-precision mechanical equipment. If they are not placed in a reasonable geographical environment, it is easy to damage the casing. Therefore, try to strictly control the site and application requirements of the machining management center, and refer to the following levels for details. Generally, the processing management center is installed in the processing production line of mechanical equipment. Not only the temperature of the geographical environment changes greatly, and the operating standards are extreme, but also various industrial equipments cause great fluctuations in the power grid. Comparison of milling and bending strain of famous brands of inclined rail CNC lathes and flat bed CNC lathes: The cross section of famous brands of inclined rail CNC lathes is larger than that of flat beds of the same model and specification, that is, the professional ability of bending strength and distortion stronger. Slant bed CNC lathe machine equipment X, Z axis communication AC servo motor is immediately connected with the precision machined ball screw according to the coupling, with high precision, and it is fixed on both sides of the ball screw, which improves the fulcrum of the fulcrum seat The bending strain reduces the deformation of the support frame. Screw damage from frequent high-speed positioning and light drilling.

The automatic CNC lathe adopts relative preventive measures in the design of the main shaft bearing box to reduce the thermal deformation of the main shaft bearing, so that the main shaft bearing can maintain the relative stability of the main shaft bearing axis during the whole process of long-term operation. CNC CNC lathe is a professional CNC lathe integrating industrial equipment, electrical equipment, four-column hydraulic press, pneumatic, electronic information technology and information as one of the mechatronics products. It is a machine with high precision, high efficiency, high automation control and high coordination. The technical level of CNC automatic CNC lathe manufacturers and the percentage of their total output and total ownership in metal composite drilling CNC lathes is one of the important indicators to consider the development trend of a country's social and economic development and the average industrial production of a country. .

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