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The CNC lathe itself is similar to the traditional CNC lathe

2021-11-15 16:51:02

When applying CNC lathes, it is not allowed to change the main parameters set by the factory in the automatic control system. The setting of this main parameter is immediately related to the dynamic characteristics of each component of the CNC lathe. Only the main parameters of void compensation can be adjusted according to the specific situation. Customers are not allowed to replace machine tool accessories at will, such as using three-jaw chucks that exceed the requirements of the instructions for use. When setting accessories, the manufacturer takes into account the matching of main parameters at various stages. Blindly following the trend of replacement leads to the mismatch of the main parameters of various stages, and even leads to safety accidents that may not be met. The working pressure of the three-jaw chuck, the hydraulic machine tool rest, the hydraulic machine tool rest, and the hydraulic cylinder of the fully automatic CNC lathe should be within the range of shear strength, and it is not allowed to increase at will. (1) The CNC lathe itself is similar to the traditional CNC lathe, which is composed of a spindle drive system, a knife drive system, a bed body, a console and its auxiliary fitness equipment, a hydraulic press pneumatic control valve, an air intake system, and refrigeration equipment. However, the CNC lathe has already undergone great changes in the overall reasonable layout, appearance design, transmission device, the structure of the CNC blade system software and its actual operation organization. The purpose of this kind of change is to better achieve the CNC lathe. The provisions and the full use of the characteristics of automatic CNC lathes.

The performance parameters of the machining center ⑴. Key specifications, models and specifications The key to the machining center is the larger rotation diameter of the bed body and the tool post, the larger milling length, and the larger milling diameter. ⑵. Spindle system software The spindle of the machining center adopts a DC or AC motor driver, which has a wide speed change range and high rotational precision, and the spindle itself has better bending stiffness and vibration resistance. Nowadays, the spindle of CNC lathe widely achieves a speed ratio of 5000 ~ 10000r/min or even higher, which is extremely beneficial to improving the processing quality and processing various small round holes; the spindle can be adjusted according to the speed ratio multiple of the actual operation control panel. Speed ratio; when machining inner holes, the spindle has a constant line cutting amount (constant line speed enterprise: mm/min), which is one of the key performance parameters for CNC lathes.


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