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A new method of automatic numerical control lathe

2021-11-15 16:52:03

A new method of automatic CNC lathe The primary goal of the new type is to give an automatic CNC lathe whose raw material service platform can be lifted and lowered to improve the processing efficiency. The new type clearly proposes an automatic CNC lathe, which includes a main box, a bottom guide rail is installed at the bottom end of the main box, an elevator device is installed on the bottom guide rail, a raw material service platform is installed on the top of the elevator device, and the bottom guide rail is installed. On one side, the bottom end of the main box is installed with a bottom push device. The bottom drive device is connected with the elevator device to drive the elevator device to move along the bottom guide rail. Left support points are respectively set on both sides of the bottom guide rail and in the main box. column and right supporting point column, a left guide rail is installed on the left supporting point column, a left pushing device and a left clamping device are installed on the left guide rail, the left pushing device is connected with the left clamping device to drive the left clamping device The feeding device moves along the left guide rail, a right guide rail is installed on the right support point column, a right pushing device and a right clamping device are installed on the right guide rail, and the right pushing device is connected with the right clamping device to drive the right clamping device. Moving along the right guide rail, there is an observation dialog box on the side of the main box, and a transparent safety protection back cover is installed at the observation dialog box. The operation service platform that can be themed, the operation service platform is respectively connected with the elevator device, the bottom end push device, the left push device, the left clamping device, the right pushing device and the right clamping device. The mobile intelligent terminal creates a wireless communication module for wireless network connection.

The current automatic CNC lathe raw material service platform cannot complete the lift, so when processing different items, the robot arm must be adjusted greatly, and the adjustment range is not suitable for control, which is time-consuming and jeopardizes the high processing efficiency. CNC lathe is one of the most commonly used CNC machine tools. It is mainly used for inner and outer circular surfaces of shaft parts or sleeve parts, inner and outer spherical surfaces of random tapers, complicated rotating inner and outer inclined surfaces, cylinders, and outer threads of cones, etc. Drilling, and can carry out grooving, drilling, drilling, boring and milling. The CNC machine tool is to process the parts to be processed automatically according to the pre-established processing procedure. The main parameters and their functions are compiled into a processing program flow sheet according to the command code and program flow file format required by the CNC machine tool, and then the information in the program flow sheet is recorded on the control substance, and then imported into the CNC machine tool of the CNC machine tool. In the device, and then guide the machine tool to process the parts.


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