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The composition of CNC lathe

2021-11-15 16:53:10

Processing program flow medium: When the precision CNC lathe is working normally, there is no need for employees to operate the CNC lathe immediately. Only the customized processing program flow can be used to operate the CNC lathe. 2. CNC machine tool equipment: CNC machine tool equipment is the key to CNC lathes. The CNC system software is an automatic control system for parts. It interpolates the ideal trajectory according to the input data information, and then outputs the necessary parts to the execution components. 3. Servo control system and measurement feedback mechanism: The servo control system is a key component of the CNC lathe, which is used to complete the servo control of the CNC lathe and the servo control of the spindle. 4. The main body of the automatic CNC lathe: the server of the CNC lathe is the key component of the CNC lathe. It includes parts such as bed body, base, vertical rod, load-bearing beam, combined bearing, operation table, spindle box, tool travel organization, tool table, automatic tool changing equipment and so on. It is part of the mechanical equipment that automatically processes various machining parts on a CNC lathe. 5. Auxiliary equipment of CNC lathes: auxiliary machinery and equipment are essential to ensure the full use of CNC lathes.

Common auxiliary machinery and equipment are pneumatic, hydraulic, milling, refrigeration, lubricating, roulette and numerical control indexing head, maintenance, lighting and so on. The machining center is composed of CNC machine tool equipment, bed body, spindle box, tool post tool moving system software, lathe tool rest, hydraulic transmission system, refrigeration system, air intake system, chip conveyor and other parts. Machining centers are divided into two types: vertical machining centers and vertical machining centers. Column machining center is used for milling of sleeve parts with large rotating diameter. Vertical machining centers are used for milling of long radial specifications or small and medium-sized sleeve parts. The three-jaw chuck is a key accessory for clamping the workpiece during milling of an automatic CNC lathe. For general rotating parts, a general three-jaw chuck can be used; for parts whose clamping position is not cylindrical, a special type must be selected. Hydraulic chuck; spring yellow hydraulic chuck must be used when machining parts with round bars immediately. For parts with a large ratio of radial size to axial size, a live tip installed on the hydraulic press tail frame must be used to support the tail of the part to ensure proper machining of the part. The tailstock includes general hydraulic machine tailstock and programmable controller hydraulic machine tailstock.


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