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When applying automatic CNC lathes, you must pay attention to those small details

2021-11-15 16:54:39

The actual operation of the precision CNC lathe is a must-have technician's actual operation, including the maintenance of the technicians necessary for the maintenance in the middle and later stages, the actual operation and protection of the unique machine tool must be based on the safety and safety operation procedures of the machine. Operators do daily maintenance work every day. Please pay close attention to the situation in the processing machine. Pay attention to the stable power supply voltage of CNC machine tools; whether the working pressure of air compression is normal and whether it is clean; whether all parts of petroleum machinery and equipment are intact, cleaned, etc. Except for some main parameters for customer application, which can be changed, other main parameters of system software and main parameters of axis, servo motor, etc., customers cannot change the secret, otherwise it will cause machine equipment operators, workpieces, such as accidental damage; The machine tool manufacturer of the lathe PLC program flow requires no modification. Incorrect modification and actual operation of the machine tool will result in the destruction of the equipment, special tools, and even damage to the operator; be sure to have a coordinate before machining, check the program flow, special tools and knife maintenance. After the whole process simulation experiment is normal, the workpiece is processed.

What problems should be paid attention to in the actual operation of automatic CNC lathe double-head lathe:

1. The operator needs to work hard, operate it attentively, and do not do anything unrelated to the homework. When leaving the machine due to accidents, it is necessary to park the car, cut off the power, and use the pneumatic valve.

2. Carry out processing according to the requirements of processing technology. It is forbidden to arbitrarily increase the cutting amount, cutting amount and cutting amount. It is forbidden to apply the machine tool beyond the standard, overload and excess net weight. It is forbidden to use rough machine and small use of big POS.

3. The CNC blade and workpiece should be properly clamped and tightened firmly. Do not damage the machine tool during loading and unloading. Align the CNC blade and workpiece, and prohibit heavy hammer percussion. It is forbidden to tighten the CNC blade and workpiece by extending the rocker to increase the torque.

4. It is forbidden to install the taper hole of the spindle bearing of the double-head milling machine, the taper hole of the sleeve of the lathe tool holder and other special tools to install the hole wall. It is not so much to install the mold thimble and the CNC blade that the finish or diameter does not match, the surface has a score line and is not cleaned. , knife sets, etc.

5. The speed regulation of the transmission system of the CNC machine tool double-head lathe and the mechanical equipment of the cutting tool organization, the clamping and adjustment of the CNC blade and the workpiece, and the manpower between the workpiece processes should be stopped during drilling and cutting, and the CNC blade, After the mold is withdrawn from the workpiece, the parking is carried out.


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