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Analyze the reason why automatic CNC lathe machining centers are widely used

2021-11-15 16:56:38

There are many types of automatic CNC lathes, and various CNC machine tools have different characteristics due to their different functions, structures and operating systems. The specific content and standards of its maintenance also have their own characteristics. In fact, according to the type of machine tool, model specifications and specific application conditions, and referring to the provisions of the machine tool manual, formulate and create the required on-time and graded maintenance rules and regulations. Below are some common and universal key points for daily maintenance.

1) It is difficult to realize many ordinary precision CNC lathes, or simple surface parts processing that cannot be processed at all. Therefore, CNC machine tools were first used in industries such as airlines and aerospace. It has also been widely used in the processing of complex surfaces, in the processing of worm gear leaves and aircraft propellers.

2) The selection of automatic CNC lathes can improve the machining precision of parts and stabilize the quality of equipment. Because the CNC machine tool is fully automatic according to the set process, the processing process does not require manual intervention. And the machining precision can also be calibrated and compensated using a computer. Therefore, it is possible to obtain machining precision and repeatability higher than the precision of the machine tool itself.

3) Can enhance production efficiency. The use of CNC machine tools can increase productivity by 2 to 5 times compared to ordinary machine tools. Especially in the processing of some complicated parts, the productivity can be increased by ten times or even dozens of times.

4) Able to complete a machine commonly used. Some CNC machines, such as machining, milling cores, etc., are capable of automatic tool change. After loading the card once, it can basically process all the processing positions of the parts, which can replace 5 to 7 general machine tools.

5) Basically no special work clothes fixture is needed. By using general-purpose tooling fixtures, it is only necessary to replace the part program process to meet the automatic processing of parts of different types and specifications.

6) The product in process is reduced, which in turn accelerates the capital turnover of working capital and increases economic returns.

7) Greatly ease the labor efficiency of the staff.


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