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Detailed introduction of automatic CNC lathe machining center

2021-11-15 16:59:06

What is a fully automatic CNC lathe, simply speaking, it is a digitally operated machine tool, which is an automatic machine tool equipped with a program flow control mechanism. The system can mentally process the program flow with the standard operation number or other marking commands, and decode it, then orient the machine tool and machine the part. Control Module of CNC Machine Tool The operation and supervision of CNC machine tool are all completed in this CNC machine tool module, which is the human brain of CNC machine tool. The key point of CNC machinery that everyone often talks about is processing.

The application of CNC machine tools to complete the processing process has the characteristics that general machine tools are not good:

1. It can greatly improve the production efficiency. After the workpiece clamping is completed, enter the established machining program flow, and the machine tool will actively complete the machining process. When the machining parts are changed, generally only the program flow of the CNC machine tool needs to be changed, so the machining time is greatly shortened, and then compared with the general machine tool development Production efficiency is several times higher.

2. With high processing precision, the product quality is very stable. Therefore, it is strictly in accordance with the active processing, and the processing precision can also be calibrated and compensated by the system, so a high processing precision can be obtained. Nowadays, the high-precision, high-end products in various companies are all processed and manufactured by CNC machine tools. of.

3. The high level of activism greatly eases labor efficiency and eliminates the difference between labor intensity and physical labor at a relatively large level. The work process of CNC machine tool operators has a high technical content, the actual demand for the actual operating staff is higher, and the skills demand for maintenance technicians is higher. It is no longer a "blue-collar worker" in the meaning of the past. Those who know how to operate CNC machine tools are called "grey collars"; those who understand CNC machine tool maintenance are called "silver collars"; those who know how to operate and maintain CNC machine tools are called "silver collars" by us. It's called "Golden Code".

Automatic CNC lathe processing technology is also called electronic computer numerical control processing technology (CNC, Computerized Numerical Control), which is a technology that uses electronic computers to complete data system control. This type of technology uses the computer to implement the logical adjustment of the trajectory of the machine equipment and the actual operating clock frequency of the external equipment according to the pre-stored management program. Because the electronic computer is selected to replace the original numerical control machine tool equipment composed of hardware configuration sequential logic circuits, the completion of various manipulation functions such as storage, solution, calculation, judgment and reasoning of the input actual operation commands can be carried out according to computer technology. The external economic command is transmitted to the servo motor to drive the equipment to drive the motor or the hydraulic press to implement the components to promote the operation of the machine.


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