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Why is the lock of the electric tool holder of the CNC lathe too loose?

2021-11-15 16:59:50

When the common fault of the electric tool post lock of the precision CNC lathe is too loose, first check whether the clamping power switch part is fixed and unreasonable, and adjust it to all normal parts; secondly, check the corresponding route of the automobile relay with a meter Is everything working properly, and is the point-of-contact contact reliable? If it still cannot be removed, it should be considered whether the mechanical equipment inside the tool holder is loose or not. Sometimes it happens that there is debris on the inner gear plate, which causes the clamping is not strong and the precise positioning is prohibited. At this time, the mechanical equipment should be adjusted to install and clean the inner gear. The clamping power switch has already been closed, and the clamping data signal is sent out, which makes the motor turn off the power supply in advance. Solution: hand-operated tool holder phone, clamp the tool holder, adjust the clamping power switch pin, press the clamping power switch, make X3.6 "1" Machine cover, rotate and adjust the part of the sending mail tray so that the Hall sensor of the tool holder points to the magnet, so that the tool position stops at the part ② The system software locking time is not long enough to adjust the main parameters of the system software locking time (the new tool holder is locked Time t=1.2s is enough) ③Mechanical password locking mechanism common faults Disassemble the CNC lathe tool rest, adjust the mechanical equipment, and check whether the positioning pin is broken. Tool holder preload is too high.

It is not easy to rotate when inserting the wrench into the top of the worm and rotating, but it can rotate when it is hard, but the tool holder still cannot run after the next clamping. If this happens, it can be clear that the reason why the tool rest cannot run is that the preload is too large, which can be removed by adjusting the amount of clamping current of the motor of the fruit tool rest. The mechanism inside the rack is stuck. When the worm shaft is rotated from the top of the worm shaft, it does not move clockwise, and the root cause is that the mechanical equipment is stuck. First, check whether the positioning pin of the clamping device is leaning against the ratchet groove body. If it is, you need to rotate the reverse ratchet and the screw connection pin hole by a viewing angle to open the hole again; secondly, check the machine tool spindle nut. Whether it is locked, if the nut is locked, it should be adjusted again; again, the rotating parts are ground to death because of poor lubrication. 2) The gas switch power supply is blocked and the motor does not rotate. Check whether the fuse is in good condition, whether the main power switch is connected well, whether the power switch part is appropriate, when measuring the working voltage with a meter, whether the working voltage value is within the required standard. It can be removed according to corresponding measures such as dismantling and replacing the fuse, adjusting the power switch part, and making the access part touch well. In addition, the reason for the clogging of the switching power supply can also be considered that the cable between the tool holder and the control board is broken, the inside of the tool holder is disconnected, and the position of the carbon brush type Hall sensor is changed, so that everything can not be turned on normally.


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