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Why do CNC lathes need to install CNC lathe probes?

2021-11-15 17:07:55

On-machine probes increase the efficiency and precision of measurements. Today's traditional measurement method is to unload the product after finishing and then move it to the measurement room, and use a three-coordinate measuring machine to carry out measurement, which includes one disassembly, one clamping and one transportation. The head saves this part of the time, and it is only necessary to replace the CNC blade with the probe like the CNC blade. Talking about precision again, the measurement is basically the alignment of the parts, that is, the measurement standard must be consistent with the design standard, and that kind of measurement is more meaningful. In the traditional measurement process, because the parts are disassembled and then clamped again, the standard has changed. Generally, the plane coordinates must be level before the measurement. Common methods such as the 321 method can create a standard for comparison of simple parts. , but for complex inclined parts, the 321 characteristics cannot be found, and the iterative method is generally necessary to find the standard. The iterative method is to make a line on the part, compare the standard deviation, and iteratively update the found plane coordinates. Obviously, there is some difference between the plane coordinates and the standard deviation found in this way. If the on-machine probe is used, there will be no disassembly and assembly of parts, and the measurement and processing are carried out in the same plane coordinates, which also improves the measurement.

The CNC lathe is placed on the ground, the ground should be leveled at random, and then the anchor screws are evenly clamped. For general CNC lathes, the level reading should not exceed 0.04/100mm, and for high-precision CNC lathes, the level should not exceed 0.02/100mm. When measuring the installation accuracy, it should be carried out at a stable temperature, and the measuring instrument must be used after a period of constant temperature. When installing the CNC lathe, spare no effort to prevent the installation method that causes the forced deformation of the CNC lathe. When installing the CNC lathe, some components of the CNC lathe should not be removed at will. The disassembly and assembly of the components may cause the distribution of the thermal stress of the CNC lathe, which will endanger the precision of the CNC lathe. After the precision inspection of the geometry of the CNC lathe reaches the standard, the entire machine must be cleaned. Use pure cotton cloth or linen cloth soaked in detergent, not pure cotton yarn or sand cloth. Clean up the rust inhibitor or anti-corrosion paint applied to maintain the slide rail surface and the machined surface when the CNC lathe is original. Clean the dust from the surface of the CNC lathe. Coat each rolling surface and work surface with the required car oil for CNC lathes. Carefully check whether each position of the CNC lathe is filled with oil as required, and whether the refrigeration box is filled with refrigerant. Whether the oil of the hydraulic system of the CNC lathe and the automatic inter-lubricating equipment has reached the position required by the oil quantity repeater.


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