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The way of programming of CNC lathe

2021-11-15 17:09:26

There are three ways of programming CNC lathes: manual programming, CNC programming software and CAD/CAM for production and processing. 1. Manual program writing: Parts sample drawing analysis, processing technology, numerical calculation method, writing program list program flow input and testing are performed by manpower. It is suitable for the production and processing of positioning points or parts with less complicated geometric shapes. However, it is very time-consuming, and it is very easy to make mistakes when ordering complicated parts. 2. Numerical control programming software Use electronic computer or programming machine to carry out the whole process of part programming process, which is very convenient for complicated parts. 3.CAD/CAM Use CAD/CAM software to complete modeling design and image numerical control programming software. The typical mobile phone software is MasterCAM, which can write programs for cutting two-coordinate, three-coordinate, four-coordinate and five-coordinate, milling, and wire cutting. Although this kind of mobile phone software has a single function, it is easy to learn and has a low price. . Manual programming refers to the entire process of NC lathe programming from parts drawing analysis, processing technology, numerical calculation method, program writing list, to program flow proofreading and other processes, which are all carried out by manpower. Manual programming is suitable for writing the production and processing program flow of positioning point production and processing or parts with less complicated geometric shapes, and where the coordinate calculation of the program flow is relatively simple, there are few assemblers, and the programming is easy to complete.

This method is simple, easy to grasp, and has strong adaptability. The manual programming method is the basis of the production and processing program flow, and it is also the key method for on-site production and processing adjustment of CNC lathes. CNC programming software refers to the whole process of automatically generating the program flow of CNC machining center under the application of electronic computer and corresponding system software. It makes full use of the rapid calculation and storage of electronic computers. Its characteristic is to use simple and habitual language to express the geometric shape of the production and processing target, the production process, the main parameters of drilling and the content of auxiliary information and other content to be described according to the standard, and then the numerical calculation method is automatically carried out by the electronic computer. The CNC blade center trajectory calculation and the rear camera solution result in a part processing program flow sheet, and the production process is simulated. For parts with complex shapes, non-circular curve contours, three-dimensional inclined planes and other parts to write production and processing procedures, the CNC programming software is selected for high efficiency and good stability. During the whole process of programming, the programmer can check whether the data is appropriate. Because the application of electronic computers instead of software programmers has completed the complicated numerical calculation method work, and saved the labor such as writing program flow sheets, and solved the difficulty of programming many complicated parts that cannot be handled by manual programming.


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