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CNC machining how to make threads

2021-11-17 10:37:55

Everyone has a deep understanding of the benefits of using CNC machining centers to process workpieces. There is still a mysterious veil about the operation and programming of CNC machining centers. Today, I will share with you the processing method of the thread. There are three methods for CNC machining: thread milling, tap machining, and pick machining:

thread milling

The thread milling of CNC machining center equipment is to use thread milling tools for the processing of large-hole threads, as well as the processing of threaded holes with difficult-to-machine materials. It has the following characteristics:

1. The tool is generally made of cemented carbide material, with high speed, high thread precision for milling, and high processing efficiency;

2. The same pitch, whether it is a left-handed thread or a right-handed thread, can use a tool to reduce the cost of the tool;

3. The thread milling method is especially suitable for the thread processing of stainless steel, copper and other difficult-to-machine materials, which is easy to remove chips and cool, and can ensure the quality and safety of processing;

4. There is no tool front guide, which is more convenient to process blind holes with short threaded bottom holes or holes without undercuts.

Thread milling tools are divided into two types: machine-clamped carbide insert milling cutters and integral cemented carbide milling cutters. Machine-clamped tools can not only process holes whose thread depth is less than the length of the blade, but also can process holes whose thread depth is greater than the length of the blade. Holes; while solid carbide milling cutters are used to machine holes with a thread depth less than the tool length;

Attention points for thread milling CNC programming: to avoid tool damage or processing errors.

1. After the threaded bottom hole is processed first, use a drill to process small diameter holes, and use boring to process larger holes to ensure the accuracy of the threaded bottom hole;

2. The tool generally uses a 1/2 circle arc track for cutting in and out to ensure the shape of the thread, and the tool radius compensation value should be brought in at this time.


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