The fourth key: Find a mentor or teacher


The fourth key: Find a mentor or teacher

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Running a business certainly requires a variety of expertise and skills. Unfortunately as a beginner, surely you are not as skilled as your predecessors. Therefore, you need to find a mentor or teacher who you can ask for opinions. Finding a mentor is one of the most important things you can do in pioneering your dreams of becoming a young entrepreneur.

Through mentors, you can share advice about the path they have taken before. They have knowledge and perspectives that you might not be able to get alone. They also have experiences that you can make lessons. Through their advice, you can determine progressive movements and make smart business decisions.

How to find the right mentor? First, you must establish good networking. You can start your step by contacting people who have the same passion with you; namely in the business world. You can search for information through them.

In addition to the steps above, you can also find the right mentor for your business through a community network. Be active in searching for alumni network contacts, conference networks or other virtual community resources to form valuable networking.

The fifth key: Enrich your business knowledge

The famous classical proverb says “film before giving (doing)”. As a smart prospective entrepreneur, surely you need to have knowledge about the business world. Remember, you might have great enthusiasm, creativity and ideas; but those things are not enough! A successful business needs more than about innovation.

Therefore, before you act further, trust yourself with the sciences of management and business. Such knowledge as about; how to build competent teams, financial management, manufacturing, operations, marketing, advertising and much more. You need to spend a little of your time learning more about this business knowledge.

Aside from enriching yourself with new knowledge, it doesn’t hurt if you start looking for people who are experts in this field as part of your team. For example, you can recruit several accounting graduates to manage company finances.

However, even if you have hired someone who is an expert in your field, as an owner you must be smarter than them. Don’t let your founder be cheated by your subordinates.


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