Promising & Easy Business Ideas Today


Promising & Easy Business Ideas Today

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Many people aspire to open their own business. However, unfortunately, they feel they are not ready to start. In fact, a business can be started with a simple idea. Here are some contemporary business ideas that can be used as inspiration.

5 Current Business Ideas That Are Easy To Run
Don’t have an idea to make it a business? In fact, there are many business ideas that can be done alone without having to pay for employing employees.

Some businesses can even be run easily. Business like this is suitable and profitable for beginners. If you are interested in trying it, you can start from the Present Business Idea below.

Accessory Business
The first contemporary business idea is to make crafts. If you have the interest and ability to turn simple objects into a beautiful set of handmade accessories, then this idea is perfect for you.

Accessories here are not limited to adult accessories, but also accessories for children, such as bandanas, hair clips, bracelets, necklaces and so on.

Some handmade products can even be made with only a few ingredients. For example, to make a ribbon necklace, the only material needed is a chain of necklaces and fabric ribbons.

The way to make it is easy. You only need to insert the ribbon to the one end of the chain hole, then then pull the ribbon about 1 inch and then tie the ribbon to the chain with a dead knot.

Then, the rest you can thread the ribbon into the entire chain hole to the end.

If it has been threaded to the end, tie a ribbon cloth with a dead knot and cut it if the ribbon cloth still remains.

Done. Easy right?

Business is not only about selling products, but also selling services. For those of you who don’t like producing goods for sale, you can replace them with the expertise or talent you have.

One way to sell services is to become a freelancer. Working as a freelancer will allow you to work from home and accept jobs online. Thus, you can get income without having to be away from your family.

To become a freelancer, you can start from the internet. You only need to offer services through social media or online freelance sites, such as,, and so on.


Online Tutor
For those of you who like teaching, working as an online tutor is the right choice. Currently, there are a number of startup companies that are looking for online tutors, such as Ruangguru, Zenius, Quipper and others.

However, giving online lectures through a web portal cannot be done without adequate facilities, such as a functioning computer device, a smooth internet connection and digital camera support.

Simply put, the task of an online tutor is to move the teaching and learning process conventionally into e-learning. Generally, the application used is web-based which includes virtual classroom features, video streaming, virtual whiteboards, virtual exam questions and so on.

The application is designed to make it easier for children (or anyone) to access subject matter widely.

Various state and private universities in Indonesia also mostly have used e-learning web based to conduct their teaching and learning process.

It is in the teaching and learning process that online tutors take part. Tutors must prepare slides that contain explanations of subject matter along with examples of problem solving that are easily understood by students.

However, because most e-learning processes go one way, the tutor has an obligation to deliver the best possible material so that students can still understand the lesson without needing to ask.

The problem is, students who are e-learning participants are not given access to ask questions. Unlike the case with students in schools who can freely ask the teacher during the process of teaching and learning activities.

Dare to take it?

Home Food
The next contemporary business idea is to sell home-cooked food. For those of you who like to cook, this business is certainly easier to live. You can open a catering or food packaging business such as rendang packaging, pastries, chips, and so forth.

Besides getting benefits, you can also experiment with a variety of contemporary culinary offerings. The prospects are also very good, especially when approaching Lebaran Day.

If you choose to do snacks, you can start with simple snacks, like chips. However, in selling chips, delicious is not enough. Chips You also need to have characteristics that make it different from other chips on the market.


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